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AI Story Assist™

Unlock trusted insights from open-ended feedback in a click

AI Story Assist helps you uncover insights hidden in your unstructured feedback that can answer your critical business questions. This super intelligent research assistant creates transparent summaries, answers follow-up questions, and generates recommendations to supercharge your insights discovery.

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Get the main ideas and insights in a transparent, natural language summary

Who has the time to read through thousands of comments? AI Story Assist instantly summarizes and cites the key themes and takeaways from your unstructured feedback and guides you on where you should spend your time to uncover novel insights.

Ask follow up questions and generate action-oriented recommendations

Ever wish you could just ask your data questions and get answers? With AI Story Assist, it’s like having a chat with your consumers. Ask your questions and get answers and recommendations based on your verbatims. If you need to dive deeper, you can set your filters to focus on what matters most to your business. 

Craft data-driven stories that help your stakeholders make decisions with confidence

Arm your stakeholders with insights from the ones that matter most—your consumers. AI Story Assist helps you weave their feedback and suggestions into a compelling narrative that will guide your teams to make decisions rooted in consumer empathy.

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