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Better understand your CUSTOMERS USERS AUDIENCE EMPLOYEES with Canvs

Canvs AI is an insights platform built to transform open-ended text from surveys, social comments and product reviews into actionable knowledge. Sneak Peek: Check out the latest breakthrough Canvs AI product innovations!

Love Your Open Ends

Say goodbye to the love-hate relationship you have with open-ended text. Canvs uses advanced AI automation to categorize, classify, and analyze the meaning & sentiment of unstructured text so you can turn your research Achilles heel into your greatest insights strength, all while saving hours in valuable research time.

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Deeper Consumer Insights

There’s insights gold in those mountains of unstructured text data. Canvs gives you the power to identify powerful connections in text data (and your cross-tabs), delivering deeper insights about the “why” and more confidence in your analysis. Our generative AI Story Assist co-pilot will even write your report for you.

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Complete Your Agile Research Stack

In-house insights teams: don’t leave text analysis behind in your move to agile research. Open-ended text is notoriously time-consuming to analyze, forcing you to compromise. Canvs allows you to analyze text in seconds,. A powerful but intuitive insights dashboard makes it possible to explore, filter and pivot the data and produce stunning visualizations or full data exports.

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Use Cases

Canvs is used by some of the world’s most admired brands, research agencies, and media & entertainment companies to accelerate time-to-insights, reduce cost and deepen understanding of consumers.

Consumer Insights and Customer

Experience (CX)

Automate analysis of open-ended text to quickly unlock consumer insights with deep, nuanced emotional context and high analytical confidence. Quickly explore, filter and compare findings and generate stunning data visualizations with Canvs’ intuitive, easy-to-use insights portal.

Canvs AI for Consumer Insights

Brand and Concept Testing

Streamline analysis of open-ends in your brand and concept tests and automate coding of unaided awareness, recall and attribute questions. Quickly identify and categorize the sentiment and emotions associated with responses and respondents.

Canvs AI for Brand Tracking

Audience Feedback

Capture deep insights about the emotional reaction to your programming and content. Canvs AI shows you the intensity of audience response, key topics and themes being discussed and the emotions of your audience.

Canvs AI for Audience Feedback

Social Media Campaigns

Go beyond likes, follows and basic sentiment to understand the intensity of response and how audiences really feel about your content and campaigns.

Canvs AI for Social Campaigns

Explore the Canvs AI Platform

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    Canvs AI Platform

    Transform open-ended text from multiple sources into critical insights. Advanced AI text analysis surfaces the topics, themes, and emotions from unstructured consumer feedback. Boost your understanding of consumer and your research productivity.

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    Canvs TV

    The industry standard in emotion and topical measurement of social conversation around OTT and Linear TV programs. Understand audience engagement, viewer emotions and the moments and talent that drive them.

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Why Canvs

Canvs is obsessed with helping researchers, insights leaders and customer experience professionals discover core insights from open-ended text. The Canvs platform is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) that’s been trained on social media, providing a rich ontology based on the way humans actually communicate (slang, sarcasm, emojis and misspellings included at no extra cost!). The result is astonishingly accurate analysis of text from virtually any data source, organizing and classifying unstructured text into topics, themes and emotions in seconds.

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