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How Fandango Uses AI Text Analytics for Customer & Digital Experience Management

Copy Testing • Campaign Effectiveness • Customer Experience

Fandango, the company behind the popular movie ticketing service, as well as sites like and the Vudu streaming service, turned to Canvs AI to unlock critical insights from unstructured text. Fandango’s in-house insights team is now efficiently and accurately transforming open ends into critical insights that drive exceptional digital experience. 

Check out the short video below to hear Margaret Wilhelm and Celeste Nieto-Amaya from Fandango discuss the benefits of using Canvs, or check out the full video over on our resources page.

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Insights ROI

  • Accelerated Feedback Loop: By actively analyzing open-ended feedback on self-initiated surveys, Fandango is now able to quickly fix website/app issues.
  • Quantify Qualitative Data: By using Canvs, the team is now analyzing open ends with more accuracy, instead of cherry-picking quotes. 
  • Deeper Consumer Empathy: Canvs is helping Fandango better understand their customers and the issues they face while watching content they recently purchased.

Fandango Fast Facts

  • Fandango is an American movie ticket website and mobile app that serves over 45 million visitors each month.
  • This movie ticketing company also owns two other ticketing brands and Flixster, and also owns the Vudu streaming service and Rotten Tomatoes.
  • Fandango’s insights team is comprised of 6 team members who support consumer, CX, quantitative, and user research.


The Fandango market research & insights team needed a way to quickly capture and understand customer feedback across multiple digital properties. The team needed a text analysis tool to help them efficiently deepen their consumer understanding and quantify their qualitative insights.


By adopting Canvs, Fandango was able to quickly analyze thousands of open-ended responses and discover insights they wouldn’t have found otherwise. As of March 2023, the Fandango insights team has analyzed over 80 data sets, 430 questions, and 258K open ends on the Canvs AI Platform.

Copy Testing

Fandango partnered with Dr. Pepper to offer a discounted movie ticket for every 12-can pack of Dr. Pepper purchased. The Fandango marketing and rewards team tasked the insights team with finding the most enticing yet straightforward messaging for this campaign. From there, the insights team conducted a copy test to determine the best way to advertise the Fandango/Vudu Rewards on products consumers find in grocery and retail stores.

After conducting the test, the team uploaded over 7K open ends on the Canvs AI Platform and found that these messaging options were the ones that drove the most interest to consumers:

  • “Movie Ticket Reward”
  • “Vudu/Fandango Promo Code”
  • “$5 off movie tickets or movies & TV shows at home”

Testing the copy helped the Rewards and Marketing teams update their messaging to best engage the Fandango/Vudu Rewards consumers.

Campaign Effectiveness

Fandango partnered with the game company Exploding Kittens to offered a discounted rate for their Minions-themed card game with the purchase of a Minions: The Rise of Gru movie ticket on Fandango. The Fandango marketing team requested data on this live campaign and the insights team launched an intercept survey on the Fandango and Vudu websites to gather feedback on the campaign.

The insights team was able to quickly collect hundreds of open ends from the intercept survey, which asked consumers what they liked and dislikes about the Minions Exploding Card Game offer. By analyzing the open ends in Canvs, the team discovered that consumers liked the game-related offer, but 15% of respondents were confused on how to redeem the offer. This actionable insight helped the marketing team revise the redemption instructions in real-time while the campaign was live. 

Customer Experience

The team has a customer experience program where they gather feedback from all of their websites and apps. These self-initiated surveys gather a wide range of feedback from issues experienced to product suggestions.

Canvs helps the team analyze hundreds of open-ended responses per month from the surveys to better understand what issues customers are facing while watching content they recently purchased. This research helps the Fandango insights team quantify customers’ issues, which helps the product team prioritize which specific issues need resolution and resources.


Embracing Open Ends

Fandango is asking more open-ended questions in their surveys because they now have Canvs to efficiently analyze the unstructured data. By embracing open ends, the team has accelerated their feedback loop and discovered deeper insights that they wouldn’t have found otherwise.

Quantify Qualitative Data

In the past, the insights team would cherry-pick quotes from the open ends to add color to their quantitative data. By using Canvs, the team is able to analyze their open ends much faster with more accuracy.

Deeper Consumer Insights

The Canvs AI Platform empowers the team to tap into richer consumer empathy without sacrificing speed.

"Canvs has allowed us to embrace open ends, which we traditionally did not do. It's given us a lot of great insights that we wouldn't have gotten otherwise."

Margaret Wilhelm, Vice President of Insights at Fandango

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