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PODS Gets to "Why" & Improves Customer Experience with Canvs AI

Deeper Consumer Empathy • Customer Feedback • Accelerate Time to Insights

PODS is the pioneer and leader in portable storage and was recently recognized as the #1 moving and storage company of 2022 by Core to its success in this ultra-competitive market is their relentless focus on customer experience and customer feedback. With tens of thousands of customer comments annually from post-experience surveys, call center interactions and digital touchpoints, PODS needed a way to extract meaningful, actionable insights from open-ended questions at scale.

Using Canvs AI, PODS is able to quickly analyze thousands of open-ended responses to quickly organize and classify the themes to understand the “why” behind their customer feedback scores and develop actionable next steps. Check out the short video below to hear Logan Fern from PODS discuss the benefits of using Canvs, or check out the full video over on our resources page


Insights ROI

  • Productivity: Without Canvs, PODS would require a full-time resource to manage customer feedback; now they can handle it with just a few hours each week. 
  • Unanticipated insights: By tapping into the unstructured, unfiltered feedback from customers, PODS is able to identify un-anticipated themes and drivers of customer satisfaction. 
  • Removing Bias: Canvs provide PODS with a consistent, scalable approach to analysis that minimizes human bias. 

PODS Fast Facts

  • PODS is the pioneer and leader in portable storage, and was recently recognized as the #1 moving and storage company by 
  • PODS has managed over 6 million moves since its founding over 25 years ago. 
  • PODS collects tens of thousands of customer feedback surveys every year, each containing multiple open-ended text questions. 
  • PODS had already uploaded over 1 million customer comments into Canvs for analysis.


PODS was drowning in customer feedback data. As the leading provider of moving and storage containers, PODS receives tens of thousands of survey responses from customers annually. While this presents a goldmine of insights, PODS struggled to efficiently analyze this qualitative data using either manual analysis or traditional text analysis tools.


To unlock insights hidden in PODS’ abundant open-ended survey comments, they implemented Canvs AI. Canvs automatically analyzes messy text, understanding nuances like slang, sarcasm, and emojis. It dynamically clusters mentions of similar concepts into coherent topics and themes. This enables PODS to identify specific issues raised by customers, like problems obtaining weight ticket reimbursements among military members.

Another key capability is Canvs’ correlation of emotions with driving topics. This allowed PODS to quantify different emotional impacts between customer segments. For example, younger military customers expressed far more frustration regarding weight tickets than older veterans. These types of insights unite both empathy and data-driven rigor.


Since deploying Canvs AI, PODS has realized numerous benefits:

  • Uncovering of root causes and quick fixes to improve customer experience
  • Massive time and resource savings compared to manual analysis at their scale
  • Rapid time-to-value even with minimal initial configuration and training
  • Easy integration without needing API development or coding skills
  • Continuous monitoring of customer experience and emerging topics over time

Overall, Canvs AI empowered PODS to efficiently extract actionable insights from customer feedback, enabling data-driven decisions aligned with their core values of caring, finding solutions, and teamwork. The depth of qualitative insights has proven far more valuable than surveys alone for understanding PODS’ customers.

"Canvs provides our ‘why’ behind the score better than other text analytic tools in the industry."

Logan Fern, Customer Experience Analyst, PODS

Canvs works with elite insights teams to make consumer empathy a superpower through the magic of AI, and we’d love to work with you. Reach out to learn more and schedule a demo.


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