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Kantar Selects Canvs AI to Power Text Analytics in Retail Research Practice

NEW YORK – Canvs AIthe leading text analytics platform for consumer insights, announced today that Kantar has successfully incorporated Canvs MRX into their Shopper Marketing methodologies for in-store and online communications testing.

Kantar’s Shopper Marketing practice helps retailers understand and optimize purchase journeys, and store, shelf and point-of-sale layouts, to sell more and boost brands. Kantar is using Canvs to analyze open-ended responses from creative tests for in-store and online shopper communications. The Canvs platform automatically analyzed the open ends to identify the topics, themes and emotions consumers are talking about, allowing Kantar to identify the most effective, most emotionally-engaging message and creative.

“Emotional engagement has been proven to be critical in shopper recall and breakthrough, but finding a consistent methodology for accurately measuring emotion in our creative test was a challenge,” said Cathy Wray, Senior Director of Research and Insights for Kantar Advisory Retail Delivery. “Using Canvs for analysis of open-ended responses in our communications testing gives us a proven and consistent approach for testing and benchmarking emotional engagement at product, brand and category level and, in turn, continue to deliver breakthrough insights for our clients.”

“Kantar is widely recognized for their innovation around the power of emotion; we’re proud to be part of how they bring that innovation into their retail delivery work,” said Jared Feldman, Founder and CEO of Canvs AI. “Canvs was founded on the premise of measuring emotion through text analytics and Kantar has taken that to the next level in their application of emotion measurement to retail communications.”

Kantar and Canvs Present at upcoming Greenbook Webinar

Kantar will be sharing their story during an upcoming Greenbook Webinar on Thursday, May 26 at 1pm ET. The session, titled Benchmarking Emotional Engagement with Open Ends, will focus on how Kantar incorporated analysis of open-ended questions across several in-store communications concept tests as well as how they are using Canvs to establish category-level emotional benchmark scores. To register, go to


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