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AI Story Assist in Action: Gallery of Generative AI Insights

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| April 20, 2023

Canvs recently launched AI Story Assist, a generative ai “co-pilot” for consumer insights and customer experience (CX) management. AI Story Assist automatically creates a narrative overview summary for every Canvs MRX dataset and generates unique stories based on Canvs data filters (think cross-tabs, specific topics or Canvs emotions). You can also ask AI Story Assist custom, ad-hoc questions about your data (like asking your data a question), from digging into specific drivers, learning about nuance, or even generating more complex analysis like recommendations for improvement or creating personas based on responses. 

It’s been amazing to see how our customers have embraced AI Story Assist as part of their insights workflow. Katie Petri at Tillamook shared: “the Tillamook insight team is absolutely blown away by AI Story Assist!” Not only does AI Story Assist dramatically accelerate insights from open-ended feedback, but it’s also changing how brands are using open-ended feedback and increasing the value of the underlying data. 

 We’ve put together a gallery of AI Story Assist “story cards” to show off the different kinds of questions that can be asked and answered through AI Story Assist. These examples of AI for consumer insights and customer experience showcase how AI Story Assist can accelerate insights discovery from open ends, extending the existing text analysis capabilities within Canvs for topical, thematic and emotional analysis to quickly convey the main idea in the responses and help jump-start insights. 

Examples of AI for Consumer Insights

Narrative Overview

Every Canvs MRX datasets starts with a narrative overview generated by AI Story Assist for the 30,000 foot view of responses. Here’s the story based on an NPS customer satisfaction survey of “Canvs Cantina.”

AI Story Assist - Overview

Filtered View

Use Canvs filters to generate a story card based on a subset of data. In this example, AI Story Assist provides an overview of the respondent that indicated chocolate hazelnut ice cream as their favorite in a product test (sounds good to us!). 

Detail & Nuance

Ask AI Story Assist custom questions to dig into the nuance of data. The example below show AI Story Assist answering custom questions about the ad for the “Fast Fido” pet walking service as part of an ad test (left) and digging into the texture of pistachio crunch ice cream (right). 

Ai for Insights
AI for Insights

Reasoning Questions

Things get interesting when we start crafting more complex, “reasoning” questions for AI Story Assist. 

Here we ask AI Story Assist to create personas for banking customers based on the responses to a brand study. 

AI for Insights
AI for Insights

In this example from the “Canvs Cantina” NPS survey, we ask for recommendations to improve the experience. AI Story Assist uses the responses to craft recommendations. 

The notion of a generative AI being a “co-pilot” is gaining prominence, and that’s exactly how AI Story Assist operates within Canvs. Turning the open ends uploaded into Canvs into stories and giving researchers a running start on their analysis of open-ended text. 

Ready to see how Canvs will give you consumer empathy superpowers? Let us know if you’re interested in learning more or seeing a demo of Canvs and AI Story Assist. 

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