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Canvs loves Qualtrics users

Qualtrics customers love Canvs AI because it dramatically accelerates insights from text data like survey open ends and customer reviews, delivering deeper insights into how consumers feel and why.

What customers say about Canvs AI

Native Qualtrics Connector

As a Qualtrics Marketplace Partner, Canvs provides a direct connector to Qualtrics so you can quickly and easily import data into Canvs for analysis. Our intuitive, guided data import process is one of the reasons why Qualtrics customer trust Canvs as top alternative to Text iQ.  

Qualtrics connector for Canvs AI

No complex Boolean strings!

Canvs combines AI-powered natural-language processing (NLP) with the latest in generative AI to produce astonishingly accurate and actionable analysis without requiring complex Boolean statement.  Additionally, Canvs provides striking data visualizations and intuitive insights discovery tools to quickly filter, compare and dig into the analysis of open-ended text from Qualtrics surveys.

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Boost Empathy & Productivity

Open-ended consumer feedback can be a powerful source of empathy, but the time and expense of analyzing them limit their use. Boost your productivity and generate insights from text 20X faster with Canvs making it a great alternative to Text iQ.

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"Neutral" is not an emotion

Canvs is powered by AI-based Natural Language Processing (NLP) that was trained on social media, providing a rich ontology based on the way humans actually communicate (emojis and misspellings included at no extra cost). This produces remarkably accurate analysis that transforms text data into themes, topics, and emotions. Additionally, Canvs’ patented model of 42 emotions goes beyond basic sentiment to unlock a rich, nuanced understanding of consumer feedback.

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Our Canvs is Your Canvs

Canvs is trained on language from billions of conversations, however, you may want to tailor your output for a truly custom experience. Canvs allows you to add, remove or reclassify Topics, Emotions, or Codes, and to save common scenarios as rules that can be automatically applied to future data sets. Custom survey coding has never been easier.

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Use Cases

Canvs is used by some of the world’s leading brands to streamline and enrich their insights, from analysis of market and customer surveys to unlocking the insights within customer reviews.

Consumer behavior research

Better understand consumer attitudes, particularly when it comes to new or quickly-evolving topics. Open ends capture the emotions and emotional intensity consumers have towards a topic.

Customer experience (CX) and NPS surveys

Understand the “why” behind your customer experience ratings by identifying topics, categories and themes correlating with detractors (or promoters). Capture overall sentiment as well as nuanced emotion and what’s driving those feelings.

Product feedback and concept testing

Online review, product forums and direct surveys provide powerful feedback your product teams need to delight your customers. Capture how consumers feel about your product or concept, and what specific attributes they perceive or value.

Audience feedback and ad tests

Emotional response is at the heart of effective content. Canvs allows you to quickly identify if content is hitting the mark, and dig into the data to understand which concepts and ideas are resonating and/or overall ad recall.

Brand & awareness studies

In the age of the empowered, informed consumer, brand and brand trust matter more than ever. Open-ended questions in brand and awareness studies are critical to measuring unaided awareness and key attributes of the brand, product or concept.

Canvs provides simple pricing tiers based on the volume of open-ended text you’re analyzing

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