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Canvs Launches AI Story Assist™

Generative AI for Insights Gives Organizations

Consumer Empathy Superpowers

April 5, 2023 — Canvs AI, the leading insights platform built for unstructured consumer feedback, today introduced AI Story Assist, a generative AI co-pilot for consumer insights and CX professionals. AI Story Assist boosts the efficiency of crafting insights from unstructured feedback by 10 to 20 times, instantly transforming open-ended text from surveys, social media and online reviews into a natural language summary along with the ability to ask your data questions. 

AI Story Assist is integrated with Canvs MRX and available for all customers as part of their subscription. AI Story Assist delivers:

  • Natural language summary overviews of the unstructured text data on every Canvs MRX project;
  • Unique narrative overviews based on Canvs filters, such as demographic cross-tabs, emotions and NPS categories; and
  • Capability to ask AI Story Assist custom questions about your data, like “What did respondents think about the ad?”or “How could the product be improved?”

“The Tillamook insight team is absolutely blown away by AI Story Assist,” said Katie Petri, Director of Consumer & Market Insights at Tillamook. “With Canvs, we’re able to get to the insights in our open ends faster and with more depth compared with any other method we’ve used before. AI Story Assist will take our productivity to the next level, not only giving a boost to our data-driven storytelling but really helping us get more value from our research.” 

“Canvs AI is an engine of empathy and AI Story Assist is probably the most important update we’ve made to empower users to discover insights faster and craft compelling, data-driven stories from unstructured feedback,” said Canvs AI Founder & CEO Jared Feldman. “AI Story Assist acts like a co-pilot to give market research and customer experience leaders superpowers that allow them to better understand their consumers and markets and deliver amazing insights for their organizations.”

AI Story Assist is the latest in a series of AI-powered text analysis advances from Canvs AI designed to give researchers the power to understand how their customers feel and why, while dramatically boosting both their productivity and the value of their data. With AI Story Assist, Canvs users can quickly and accurately generate narrative summaries from text-based consumer feedback from any source and in any language, allowing them to spend more time analyzing the results and gaining valuable insights. AI Story Assist extends the proven text analysis capabilities currently used by Canvs AI customers across a wide range of industries and research use cases, including by leading brands such as Tillamook, Chobani, Fandango (NBC Universal), PODS, and Disney.   

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Canvs AI will host a virtual launch event on Tuesday, April 11th at 12:00 pm ET to introduce AI Story Assist, including a live demo of how AI Story Assists is used across several use cases. Register to join at   


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