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Fuel Cycle Selects Canvs AI as Premier Text Analytics Solution on Fuel Cycle Exchange

NEW YORK – Canvs AIthe leading insights platform for text analytics, and Fuel Cycle, the leading insights community, panel and market research cloud provider, today announced that Fuel Cycle has added Canvs MRX to the Fuel Cycle Exchange (FCX) Marketplace for text analytics. Through the partnership, Fuel Cycle customers gain access to Canvs’ innovative “bring your own data” solution for analyzing unstructured text data from virtually any source, including survey open ends, customer reviews and social media. 

“Canvs MRX adds important new capabilities to the FCX Marketplace, streamlining access to some of the most advanced text analytics capabilities on the market,” said Rick Kelly, CPO of Fuel Cycle. “Through this partnership, the FCX Marketplace can continue to grow and represent the best of the burgeoning research technology ecosystem.” 

“Companies have virtually unlimited amounts of open-ended text responses from customers available to them but face a significant challenge in generating meaningful insights because of the time, complexity and cost of analyzing it all,” said Jared Feldman, founder & CEO of Canvs AI. “Being selected for FCX makes it easier for Fuel Cycle customers to embrace the power of Canvs to analyze open-ended text with a high degree of accuracy and control. The result isn’t just faster time-to-insights; it’s more comprehensive, better-quality insights.”

Benefits of Canvs MRX

The Canvs MRX insights platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically classify and categorize open-ended responses, including measuring nuanced emotional expression. Benefits of Canvs include:

  • Accelerate analysis – Canvs dramatically accelerates the time required to code responses to open-ended survey questions. Advanced, AI-powered Natural Language Processing (NLP) delivers remarkably accurate classification of topics and emotions expressed in unstructured text, along with a customizable code framework.

  • Rich, emotional insights – Canvs is powered by AI and machine learning that was trained on social media, providing a rich ontology based on the way humans actually communicate (emojis and misspellings included at no extra cost). Canvs’ patented model of 42 emotions goes beyond basic sentiment to unlock a more nuanced understanding of consumer feedback.

  • Intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard – Canvs utilizes a robust drill-down architecture allowing researchers to quickly and easily dig into the insights from open-ended text. The platform analyzes both open- and close-ended responses to identify statistically–significant findings in data automatically. Additionally, powerful Boolean search capabilities allow researchers to quickly search and filter based on emotions, topics, codes, text or closed-ended questions.

  • Customizable control – Canvs allows organizations to add, remove or reclassify topics, emotions or codes, and to save common scenarios as rules that can be automatically applied to future data sets.

All Fuel Cycle customers can add Canvs to their offering by contacting their Fuel Cycle representative. 

About Fuel Cycle

Fuel Cycle’s award-winning Market Research Cloud is the most comprehensive intelligence gathering ecosystem that exists today. Our platform enables decision-makers to maintain constant connections with their customers, prospects, and users to uncover real-world actionable intelligence. By integrating human insight with critical business data, and through automated quantitative and qualitative research solutions, Fuel Cycle’s Market Research Cloud powers product innovation, brand intelligence, and enhanced user experience. Breakthroughs require action. We built Fuel Cycle to ignite it. For more information, visit:


Canvs AI is the easiest, fastest and most accurate insights platform for analyzing open-ended text from virtually any source, including surveys, customer reviews and social media. Canvs is used by some of the world’s most admired brands, research agencies, and media & entertainment companies to accelerate time-to-insights, reduce cost, and deepen understanding of consumers. For more information or to request a customized demo, please visit or email


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