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The Weekly Canvs AF™ List

Canvs’ Weekly AF™ Lists for Streaming and Talent tracks all streaming programs’ performance on a weekly basis, and all talent appearing in each program. Each week we provide a list of the top programs and talent that generated high levels of social engagement and conversations in the previous week. This list is based on the Canvs AF Score, a measure of engagement based on total social mentions, Canvs’ Emotional Reactions and Reaction Rate to determine not just the most talked-about programs and talent of the week, but which generated the highest levels of Emotional Engagement with fans.

About the Canvs AF™ Score

The Canvs AF Score is expressed as a number generally in the hundreds and is based on a Z-Score combination of several Canvs AI metrics. The Canvs AF Score provides a normalized benchmark that can be used to determine a program or talent’s engagement compared to the top programs and talent from the previous two years. For example, if a program or talent had a Canvs AF Score of 800, that would mean the program ranked in the 80th percentile when compared to historical programs or talent.

Additional Information on metrics within the Weekly Canvs AF Score:
The rank is determined by the streaming program and talent with the highest Canvs AF Score™ from the current week being tracked.
Compared to Previous Week references how the streaming program or talent ranked in the previous week and its improvement or decline in rank during the current week.

  • An Emotional Reaction is defined as a dialogue response that contains one or more of Canvs’ 42 core emotions.
  • A Reaction Rate is defined as the percentage of posts and comments that express an emotion.
  • Emotional Reactions and Reaction Rate have been included in the full Canvs AF Lists for streaming and talent to provide additional context on the programs’ performance.

*AF is short for All the Feels, a nod to Canvs AI’s unique emotional measurement approach.

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