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PODS Adopts Canvs AI for Text Analytics to Power Customer Experience

PODS & Canvs Co-Present at Upcoming Insights Events

Canvs AI, the leading text analytics platform for consumer insights & CX, today announced that PODS, the market-leading moving and storage brand, has successfully adopted Canvs AI as part of its customer experience (CX) operations. 

PODS is the pioneer and leader in portable moving & storage and was recently recognized as the #1 moving and storage company of 2022 by Core to its success in this ultra-competitive market is its relentless focus on customer experience and customer feedback. With tens of thousands of customer comments annually from post-experience surveys, call center interactions, and digital touchpoints, PODS needed a way to extract meaningful, actionable insights from open-ended questions at scale. Using Canvs AI, PODS is able to efficiently analyze thousands of open-ended responses, quickly organizing and classifying the themes to understand the “why” behind their customer feedback scores and develop actionable next steps. 

“Canvs has a great AI on its own that is constantly improving, however, the ability to create rules using easily understandable boolean logic allows the feedback to be categorized exactly the way you want with high accuracy,” said Logan Fern, customer experience analyst at PODS. “Canvs provides our ‘why’ behind the score better than other text analytic tools in the industry.”

“The way PODS is using Canvs is the reason Canvs exists. They’re able to take mountains of customer feedback that would otherwise be nearly impossible to analyze and quickly identify not only trending topics and themes but also emotional sentiment,” said Jared Feldman, Founder & CEO of Canvs AI. “Probably the most important part is that they’re able to generate highly specific and actionable insights that they can implement to continuously improve customer experience.”

PODS Presents with Canvs

Logan will be co-presenting with Canvs Founder & CEO Jared Feldman at several upcoming market research conferences, where he will outline PODS’ approach to customer feedback and their use of open-ended questions, and how they generate core, actionable insights by analyzing open-ended text.

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