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Canvs AI Introduces “Order Ahead” AI Insights

Insights Teams Get a Running Start at Data-Driven Storytelling from Unstructured Consumer Feedback

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June 27, 2024— NEW YORK, NY— Canvs AI, the leading insights platform for open-ended feedback, introduced new “order ahead” insights capabilities. These new capabilities allow users to accelerate data-driven storytelling with three new updates:

  • Order ahead: Ask natural language research questions during the import process that are answered by AI Story Assist.
  • Insights Delivered: Receive an email digest with a high-trust executive summary for every open-ended question and answers to custom questions and prompts.
  • Share the Love: Subscribe team members to the email digest to keep everyone in the loop with the latest insights.

“Insights teams are busier than ever keeping up with both the internal demand for compelling and actionable insights, and the exponential growth of unstructured feedback from a multitude of sources,” said Jared Feldman, Founder and CEO of Canvs AI. “This update gives researchers the ability to quickly and easily discover the most critical insights across mountains of data and craft data-driven narratives that drive impact for the business.”

AI Insights, Delivered

Canvs AI has pioneered making artificial intelligence a trusted component of the consumer research technology stack for brands like Disney, Liquid Death, Church & Dwight, Tillamook, and many more. Since introducing its generative AI research assistant in early 2023, AI Story Assist has delivered over 75,000 answers to custom business questions. Additionally, AI Story Assist delivers high-trust executive summary overviews that incorporate citations and data quantification. With this release, researchers can now pre-order those answers and overviews to be delivered directly to their inbox. 

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