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For Canvs Social and TV, Canvs analyzes Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter data, which is collected directly from each source. Canvs® is the first platform to automatically and comprehensively measure the emotions that drive conversation and engagement using each data source. Canvs is a Facebook Media Solutions Partner and Twitter Official Partner. For MRX, all data is sourced directly from our customers. Canvs MRX is agnostic to all survey platforms and data sources and analyzes data provided by our customers. Canvs does not collect or store consumer data directly for MRX.


Emotional Reactions are defined as any piece of content which contains an emotion. Examples of Emotional Reactions are, “I can’t wait for #PLL,” “That is the scariest zombie ever on Walking Dead,” and “WTF Olivia Pope!” Examples of social media content that do not contain Emotional Reactions are, “I’m watching PLL tonight with my BFF” and “Gotta get back from yoga in time for Scandal.” Canvs TV tracks Emotional Reactions from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

There are hundreds of emotional Reactions that could populate clusters in Canvs. We conducted thorough research and determined that most emotions expressed on Twitter fall into these categories. Some common clusters for TV content include Love, Excited, Hate, Funny, Creepy, Afraid, and Crazy.


We have a dedicated team of data scientists who add to our knowledge base every day. They are experts in slang, trends, and vernacular.

Misspellings are automatically associated with correct spellings. Every time our analysts identify a misspelling, it gets put into a database that relates it back to the correct spelling of the word. For example, someone commenting the word “coooool” would register to Canvs as “cool.” We’ve seen hundreds of thousands of these misspellings, and we add more every day.

The topics, hashtags, and mentions are generated directly from Emotional Reactions themselves and ranked in Canvs based on how many times they appear. We are constantly updating Canvs to feature common and show-specific phrase


Canvs leverages a patented, large-scale clustering method that is tailored to handle big data. We have developed multiple breakthrough algorithms under the direction of one of the leading data scientists in America, our co-founder & technical advisor, Professor Sam Hui, PhD, of the University of Houston’s Bauer School of Business.


Currently, English is the only language that is supported by our platform.

It’s as simple as clicking the button on the upper right corner of the page that says “Login”.

Canvs makes it easy to ingest data from virtually any source using a guided upload process from xls and csv files. We also offer a growing set of connectivity options to upload data from leading research and insights platforms. Additionally, the Canvs APIs can be used to develop custom integrations.

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See how Canvs automates text analysis, saves time, and improves insights from open-ended text!


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