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Transform social comments into campaign insights

Canvs is the easiest, fastest and most accurate way to understand social media campaigns.

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Track and analyze social campaigns across YouTube, Facebook and Instagram to gain insight into commentary around all posts on your tracked channels or any public post (owned or not). Let Canvs Social analyze the pulse of your audience to help you better gauge how content is resonating with consumers.

Because neutral isn’t an emotion

Canvs goes beyond basic sentiment to deliver a sophisticated understanding of consumer reactions with nuanced sentiment across 42 discrete emotions. Identify how fans and followers feel and – more importantly – why. Understand the “emotional signature” of a brand and build campaigns around it.

(Un)natural language processing

Canvs’ advanced, AI-based text analytics engine was raised on social media and is designed to understand the way humans actually communicate. Slang, memes and misspellings included at no extra cost! Accurately analyze social comments at scale to discover key themes, topics and sentiment.

Report-ready insights

A powerful, yet easy-to-use insights dashboard allows you to dig into the data to discover why followers and fans react the way they do, compare findings across platforms and across different content. Easily export data and data visualizations to Excel, Powerpoint or as png files to jump start your reporting.

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