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LeadWire Powers SMS-based CX Survey Platform with Canvs AI

In today’s mobile-first world, SMS-based customer engagement is proving to be one of the most effective channels for consumer-facing companies. By some estimates, SMS produces engagement rates six to eight times higher than retailers normally achieve via email marketing. One company is helping customers capitalize on this rate of engagement to incorporate customer experience (CX) surveys with SMS marketing. 

LeadWire is an online marketing platform companies use to send SMS Marketing campaigns, organically generate leads, and measure results. The company just announced the ability for their customers to send short feedback surveys to their SMS subscribers. Customers select from one of three question types, a rating scale (0-5 or 0-10), multiple-choice selection, and open-ended questions. Once sent, consumers can respond directly via text message to complete the survey. As a result of the SMS channel and survey format, LeadWire customers see response rates that are over 3X higher than email- or phone-based surveys. However, the company faced the challenge of helping its customers analyze the volume and variety of unstructured text responses from the open ends.   

LeadWire turned to Canvs AI to help solve this problem by integrating Canvs’ AI-enabled text analytics with the Leadwire application. 

“With the short format of our SMS-based survey, we knew we needed to include open-ended questions in order to capture the voice of the customer and provide more context around why a customer responded in a particular way,” said Wilfredo Nieves, Director of Software Development at Leadwire parent Optivon, Inc. “Canvs allows our customers to turn customer comments into consumer insights to solve their business problems and improve customer satisfaction.”

LeadWire utilized the Canvs API to build text analytics directly into its customer application. As new customer surveys are launched, the open-ended responses are sent to Canvs for analysis and returned directly to the LeadWire customer dashboard. This analysis includes topic classification and sentiment/emotion analysis. 

“The Canvs API was the ideal way for Leadwire to build in advanced text and sentiment analysis capabilities without needing to build from the ground up. The APIs provide both the ability to send data and receive the analysis, but also to integrate the Canvs’ data visualizations into our dashboard, further saving time and resources,” added Nieves.

Figure 1: Topic Analysis in LeadWire application via Canvs API
Figure 2: Emotion measurement in LeadWire application vis Canvs API

In one example, a resort used LeadWire to survey its customers about their guest experience following a recent stay. The resort was able to analyze the comments using Canvs to identify aspects of the resort that were driving guest satisfaction, as well as areas for improvement. They’re also able to measure the emotions guests expressed about their stay and the factors driving these reactions. 

“Sentiment analysis is a big selling point for LeadWire,” said Naddia Lopez, Strategic Marketing & Sales Manager for Leadwire. “Canvs allow us to stand out from the competition by empowering our customers with a tool that really helps them understand how their customers are engaging with the brand and why they feel the way they do.”

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