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Canvs Hires Customer Success Manager Kelsey Nagyivan

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| March 17, 2022

Meet Kelsey Nagyivan, the newest Canvs team member! We are thrilled to announce the hiring of our new Customer Success Manager and asked a few questions to better introduce her!

Prior to joining Canvs, Kelsey worked as a Project Manager and then Customer Success Manager for SpotMe Inc. She loves working with her clients to problem solve on specific projects but also to help them reach their overall goals and KPIs.

We’re excited to have Kelsey and her extensive client success experience as one of the newest members of the Canvs team. Check out our quick Q&A with Kelsey!

Why did you choose to join the Canvs Team?

When I was approached about the Canvs opportunity, I first googled the company to learn more about their products and immediately I was intrigued. I was easily able to see the value clients could gain by having the ability to quickly and methodically analyze their open-ended data. Then I had my interviews, each one was an easy conversation and just flowed. We all were able to connect and it wasn’t stressful or nervous. Everyone was able to immediately make me feel comfortable and at ease.

What makes you excited about your upcoming role and working with Canvs customers?

I love connecting with my clients and to help them realize the power behind their SaaS platforms. Knowing that Canvs is a forerunner with emotional analysis, I’m excited to help bring our platform for both Social and MRX to clients.

Prior to Canvs, what were you doing? How can that help you in your current position?

Prior to Canvs I was also in a customer success role, working with clients to onboard, train and utilize the platform to reach their daily, monthly and quarterly goals. While I wasn’t in the market research industry, I’m excited to bring my CS knowledge to Canvs and to help clients realize our platform’s potential for their daily use.

What is one experience in your career that has helped shape who you are?

For the past 5 years, I’ve worked directly with my clients’ event-based projects. During one of the meetings prior to the project going live, the client really wanted something done on their project that I strongly disagreed with. I voiced my concerns as the subject matter expert in the platform about the change and my opinion was in complete opposition to the clients. In the end, the client still made the change they wanted, however, they respected and really appreciated that I was still able to voice my concerns and opinions. 

To this day, I take that lesson with me to each client meeting. I am the SME on my product(s), my clients expect me to know and guide them on best practices, usage etc. We might not always agree, but they will respect that everything was addressed to make sure their end results and KPIs are achieved.

Where can we find you on the weekends?

In my off time, I’m busy entertaining my 2 daughters (1yo and 3yo). Depending on the season, we’re either sledding or swimming and boating.

How do you like to spend your free time? 

I’m an avid book reader and will read almost anything. I love to knit and am a big game/puzzle person.


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